Smart Project Update

We have made significant progress on optimizing the build speed for the Smart project. We have identified several bottlenecks and have implemented many fixes. As a result, the build time has been reduced by 80%+.

Log of work done on Smart project

The last major refactor and optimization to Smart had introduced an error which broke the building of a complex project C++ project cooperating with the LLVM source tree. I was able to identify and fix the issue, which had allowed the project to build correctly again.

Improved Website Template for Multiple Websites

I have made some improvements to the website build factory template, making it more flexible, powerful, and reliable for creating multiple websites. These improvements include:

Refine website template

I have made several improvements to the website building factory, also known as the template.

Update Website As LinkedIn Locked My Account

I was recently locked out of my LinkedIn account for security verification. This was a setback for me, as I used LinkedIn to network with people, find jobs, and stay up-to-date on industry news.

Website Rebuilt

Rebuilt my website...