Refine website template

I have made several improvements to the website building factory, also known as the template.

A code base that can be shared across multiple websites.

I have adopted a new template that employs a common code base across all my websites. This simplifies the process of updating and managing my websites, as I only have to modify the code base once.

The layout issues have been resolved.

The latest update has resolved various layout problems that were previously encountered in the previous version. These issues were related to the header, footer, and sidebar.

I am happy to report that the latest template has resolved several issues with navigation and scrolling that were present in the previous version. As a result, navigating my websites and scrolling through the content has become much smoother and more seamless.

The scroll view will update once the reload-hijack process is completed.

I wanted to let you know that the latest template update has resolved a reload-hijack issue. Previously, the scroll view didn’t update after loading new content fragments, but that’s no longer an issue.

The time information in articles will be extracted and utilized for creating listings.

The articles now have time information stored with a basic tag such as ‘time’ or ‘meta’. This information is being utilized to list the articles in their respective subfolders.

In general, the new template surpasses the previous version in terms of durability and user-friendliness. With the ability to manage content through markdown or HTML fragments, updating multiple websites simultaneously has become a breeze.