Smart Project Update

Build Speed Optimization

We have made significant progress on optimizing the build speed for the Smart project. We have identified several bottlenecks and have implemented many fixes. As a result, the build time has been reduced by 80%+.

Although there is still work to be done, we are optimistic that we can decrease the build time even more in the upcoming update.

Quick FIXITs

We have made some quick FIXITs to enhance the build speed and ensure the systems development runs smoothly. These FIXITs have successfully reduced the build time by an extra 50%+.


Aside from the faster build speed, we have addressed several issues and made fixes. Notably, we have resolved the cycle-rule-dependency traversal error.

Focus on Main Systems

Now that the build speed and errors have been fixed, we can redirect our attention to the main systems.

Next Steps

  • Continue to optimize the build speed
  • Improve the stability of the system
  • Add new features